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Growing up in Gitega and my Dreams and Visions feat. Keke

Throughout the process of creating THE SOCIAL COFFEE BLOG, one of the greatest joys and privileges is to meet Keke and to talk to her about many different subjects. This blog is an example of direct communication at eye level which we at Bean United value so deeply. As a part of this project, we would love for you as our readers to get to know Keke a little better. Keke grew up in Gitega, Burundi's capital and the second-largest city. Gitega is located about 60 kilometers east of Bujumbura and it used to be the royal capital of the former Kingdom of Burundi. Gitega is the home of Burundi''s national museum and a university. Besides telling us about her childhood, Keke is going to talk to us about the dreams and visions she has for her life.

Keke, tell me a little bit about the early years of your life and growing up in Gitega

"My name is Keke and I was born into a family of three children, inculding one boy and two gitls. I am the second born and I am very lucky that I still have two parents who never stop showing me their love."

What was education like for you and how did you start singing?

"From an early age, I went to school just like many other children. I did my primary and secondary studies here in Gitega. I started singing when I little. My father taught songs in church and he had a choir. We often also sang at home with my sister and I went to my first choir in 2021, this is how it all started. When I was older, I embarked on a solo carreer and I am very grateful for it."

A woman on a stage with lights on singing

What are your dreams and visions for your life?

"My life's vision defines who I want to be, what I want to be known for and the experiences I aim for. Dreams require a vision and some future goals so that I can take actions to transform these dreams into reality. It all starts with a dream...and mine has always been to work hard, to help pelple and to help my family. I've always known that my purpose in life is to enhance the life of others which I do through music and singing. I do it as my job but further, I can explain my feelings and emotions throuh it. My personal vision is to live a meaningful life. It is important for me to live my life in a way that shows care and concern for my family and friends."

A man and a woman on a stage performing. She is singing and he is playing the guitar.

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