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Coffee for Social Impact: Welcome to THE SOCIAL COFFEE BLOG

We are Bean United and our mission is to change the world with coffee.

Children receiving their school meals in Burundi, the Bean United-Logo (a lady holding a coffee cup with elements such as coffee farmers, coffee cherries being picked by hand.

Coffee connects people and tells stories

Coffee has been bringing people together for hundreds of years to talk, to share moments and to exchange ideas. Coffee is a part of everyday life – and coffee tells a million stories. This blog has the same purpose: To connect people, to share stories and knowledge and to bring our mission into the world. We want to share our vision and our stories with you.

different hands are holding freshly picked coffee cherries

Our 1-for-1-concept for Social Impact

Founded in 2018, Bean United uses coffee as a tool for social impact and continues to change lives on a daily basis. Our 1-for-one-concept means that each kilogram of Bean United coffee creates €2.50 for social impact.

We will use this blog to take you with us into all the different areas of our mission: You will meet the Bean United Team in Germany and also in Burundi via our Social Burundi Reporter Keke. Also, you will learn about coffee, meet our coffee farmers and hear about the projects we work with in Burundi and Germany. In short: We want to show you how the coffee you drink truly changes lives.

Stay tuned!

three people (part of the Bean United team) are sitting in the café. they are smiling and talking. In the background there is coffee.


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