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Back to Office and New Work Benefit with Social Impact: Bean United Social Barista Experience

Transitioning back to the office after a prolonged period of remote work highlights the crucial need to foster a sense of community and connection among employees. Also, employers are facing the challenge of making the office as a workplace as attractive as possible - meaning that benefits have never been more important.

Our mission

We are redefining the corporate coffee experience in many different ways. Our Social Barista Experiences are one of these tools to bring people back to the office and to positively impact office culture.

What is the Social Barista Experience?

The Social Barista Experience is a social coffee break that encourages interaction. But there is another social component to this experience: each cup of coffee supports a social project (for example, companies can enable one school meal in Burundi per cup).

In concrete terms, this means that our Bean United Social Baristas run your coffee bar for a day, or bring all the equipment if your office doesn't have a coffee bar (yet). Our baristas not only ensure coffee of highest quality and beautiful latte art but also create a special atmosphere. Some offices that work with us have a weekly or monthly rhythm.

"With our Weekly Social Barista Bike in our agency, we not only enjoy the very best coffee, but have also made over 9,000 school meals possible since the start of the cooperation. We are very much looking forward to expanding this project and working with Bean United in the future." (Andreas Reichl, CFO Interone)

Bringing people back to the office

The past couple of years have taught us the value of flexible work arrangements. However, as we navigate a hybrid work model, bringing employees back to the office requires a compelling reason to re-engage with the workplace. Our Social Barista Experiences act as a magnet, drawing employees back to the office.

A black coffee bike with pictures, plants and coffee
Social Coffee Bike

Fostering communication and collaboration

One of the key benefits of our Social Barista Experiences is the enhancement of communication and collaboration among teams. By providing a dedicated space for informal conversations, employees have the opportunity to exchange ideas or discuss projects. These organic interactions often lead to a stronger sense of belonging within the organization.

A New Work Benefit for employees

In today's competitive job market, organizations are constantly seeking new ways to attract and retain talent. Offering unique experiences to employees has become a vital component of an attractive benefits package. The Social Barista Experience invests in employee well-being, satisfaction and a thriving workplace culture. Also, if your office already has Bean United coffee, the experiences are a great way of making the social impact and the stories behind our coffee more tangible for employees.

As we navigate the current change in work dynamics, it is evident that the future of the workplace will be defined by its ability to blend functionality with human connection - the Social Barista Experience embodies this fusion.

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