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Meet Keke, Bean United's Social Burundi Reporter

Aktualisiert: 10. Juli 2023

Keke, our Social Burundi Reporter, is a singer from Burundi, the picture shows her on stage with microphones

We are very happy to introduce our latest project “Social Burundi Reporter”, and with it our newest team member Keke.


Keke is an artist and a karaoke singer from Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. She rehearses during the week and performs on the weekend, sharing her passion for music with other people.


Keke will be showing us her life as a singer in Bujumbura. Also, she will tell us more about Burundi’s culture and life in this beautiful country. Her articles will be featured on our blog regularly.

We are so excited and lucky to collaborate with Keke and to gain first-hand insights into Burundi’s culture and Keke’s life.


It is essential for Bean Untied to collaborate with People in Burundi so that we can learn from them and deeper understand the purpose of our work.

Keke and her band mates sit in a row during rehersal

So, let us give the floor to Keke:

"I am Keke. I was born into a family of three children; including one boy and two girls. I am lucky still to have two parents who never stop showing me their love. I grew up in Gitega and did my primary and secondary education there. I already started to sing during my studies and then I embarked on a solo career.
Now, I live in Bujumbura and I am an artist and a karaoke singer. I have my rehearsals every week from Monday to Thursday and then I perform at the weekend from Friday to Sunday. As you can see it, my week is fully booked. Although it is tiresome, I like my job because since 2016 I feel like an independent person as it helps me to earn my living.
My role model is Khadja Nin, a Burundian singer who became famous all over the world because her songs touch every aspect of our life. Also, people from different backgrounds can enjoy her music as she sings songs of peace and love
My dream is to live a decent life thanks to music, that is living in my own house, having my own car, travelling and showing the world that music is life."
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