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Milestones and Social Impact - Reviewing 2023

The year 2023 was a very special year for Bean United in many ways. So, let us review 2023 and celebrate the new year by reviewing 2023 and its milestones.

1 million school meals in Burundi

At the beginning of 2023, we reached one million school meals in Burundi and celebrated this significant number with the recreation of the 2017 ice bath.

Two men in a wintery lake. The ice is opened up and they are tkinga plunge.

Two boys standing with a plate of food smiling
1.000.000 school meals

The Bean United team jumping into a lake.

The second year of our Bean United Social Café

2023 marked the second year of the Bean United Social Café. Our team of up to 15 baristas creating impact at our Café was a huge success and we are very proud of our team. Also, we surpassed our initial goal of 30.000 school meals in two years by far, reaching more than 70.000 school meals at our coffee shop.

A smiling barista sorting cups.

Two baristas infront of a brick wall. They are working and smiling.

Participation in the "Circular Rise Accelerator Program" of Yunus Environment Hub

Our team learned a lot about tackling current environmental and social issues with the help of Yunus during the Circular Rise Accelerator Program. As one of 12 startups, we learned more about circular economy while also continuing to shape sustainability-focused strategies.

A zoom meeting with different faces looking into the camera.
Circular Rise Acccelerator

Learnings and outlook

Looking back, there were also projects that did not work out as planned - such as a "Standl" at Munich's famous Viktualienmarkt. However, looking back on 2023 we are both happy and proud of our development and the projects we are working on.

In 2024, Bean United is continuing to develop the product range and offer for private customers by launching a new website and online shop in cooperation with Spleen Advertising. Also, we are working on the first B2B-Social Barista Bar within an agency group and continuing our collaboration with Yunus Environment Hub regarding C02 compensation and the ongoing development of a circular value chain.

Our team is excited about these next steps and we will make sure to keep you posted on the blog. Also, we would like to thank all our friends, partners and customers for supporting our mission!

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