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Turning Coffee into a Tool for Social Impact

At Bean United, we have a different understanding of the concept of office coffee and we have turned this understanding into an innovative portfolio of solutions for offices. This portfolio turns coffee into a force of positive change, creating and supporting a world with more chances and more self-determination.

The problem

The general challenges within the coffee industry, such as inequality in the distribution of profit, environmental degradation and vulnerability of small-scale farmers to market fluctuations, highlight why it is more important than ever to choose coffee wisely - both privately and on the corporate level.

Also, the working world is transforming, embracing flexible work arrangements like remote work and hybrid models. This poses challenges for employers and makes New Work Benefits and Employer Branding Solutions more and more important. Also, especially the younger generations are more aware of the ethical and sustainable decisions their employers make. This means that environmental and social responsibility are becoming more and more relevant (as shown by countless studies). In short: Corporate Social Responsibility makes employers more attractive and positively supports the employees' attitude towards their job.

The solution

Turn your office coffee into a tool for social impact, positive change and CSR by choosing "Social Coffee":

  • coffee that is sustainably and responsibly sourced (where all parties along the value chain are treated with respect and paid fairly)

  • each cup of coffee contributes to a social impact project

  • high quality coffee reflects your appreciation for your employees

Get in touch with Bean United, market leader in the B2B office coffee segment for sustainable companies - switching your coffee is a simple and cost-effective measure that will make you stand out in the ear of New Work.

Our portfolio ranges from providing coffee beans to carrying out events at your office. And just like that, every cup of coffee your employees drink helps people who are less fortunate to create a better life. This idea has already sparked positive change in many offices - to this day, Bean United is working with more than 150 change-oriented companies and has provided more than 1,3 Million school meals in Burundi. Bean United's formula is as simple and effective as it gets, making Bean United coffee for offices an obvious choice.

"Drinking coffee while doing good - what could be better? I'm a big fan of acting in a meaningful way, and sustainable office coffee is a real 'quick win' as a mosaic piece of a credibly sustainable work culture with relevance for recruiting and retention." (Gero Hesse, CEO of EMBRACE and Blogger and Podcaster at Saatkorn)

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