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A Special Chapter Comes to an End: Reflecting on Two Years of Bean United Social Café

On Saturday, December 9th, our Social Café opened its doors for the last time and with this, a very special era has come to an end. Today, we are reflecting on two years of coffee, special encounters - and social impact with every cup.

view of a coffee shop bar in front of a brick wall. Products and prices on the wall, cups, glasses and a coffee mashine.

The magic of new beginnings

The first few months at Bean United Social Café were characterized by learning more and more about running a coffee shop and growing the team. Just like special ideas often develop a momentum of their own, our café attracted a whole new team of young people who shared Bean United's passion for coffee and making a real change in the world. Over the past two years, our café went from founder Thomas covering all shifts to training more than fifteen baristas overall. As the days went by, the café became a special place for customers, friends and the Bean United team. There is something truly magical about coffee shops: the early morning rush, the quiet moments in between, the faces of regulars and the conversations with new customers.

The highlights and milestones

From the initial days filled with nervous excitement to the comforting familiarity of regular faces, each day has added a layer to the story of our café. However, there were some days and moments that stand out the most. Naturally, the opening day of the Social Café in November 2021 was one of these highlights: The old station in Deisenhofen went from an empty building to a cozy coffee shop where everyone was welcome.

two men standing in an oval brick door frame, the door is green. They are smiling and are looking towards the camera.
Founders Thomas and Philipp

A rather bleek room with light walls, a wooden counter, brick elements in the wall and tables.
The early days: our café being created

Also, the realization of our Social Coffee Bike and its first appearance at the Straßenfest definitively were days to remember. The coffee bike is a tool that quite literally allows us to spread our vision and reach a new audience.

a black coffee bike with white drawings on it. A man behind a coffee machine smiling.
Social Coffee Bike

At the beginning of 2023, a milestone of great significance was achieved: Bean United reached 1.000.000 school meals overall in Burundi and celebrated - as agreed by bet - by taking an ice bath in Deininger Weiher, a lake close by.

What do we take with us?

Life happens, coffee helps: The impact created at our café means the world to us and everyone who is part of our mission. Bean United Social Café gave us a place to make new connections, grow our team and create a second living room for the people in Deisenhofen. Two years of Bean United Social Café may seem like a brief chapter in the grand scheme, but for us, our Social Café is a time and an experience we will never forget.

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