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Bean United - What Do We Do?

As our readers know, Bean United is a social business with the mission to create social impact. We do so by funding projects of partners (charities and NGOs) and individual projects. But how do we make the money to fund all of these projects? Today we are spilling the beans on the various pillars of our work. So, here is what we do at Bean United:

  • Corporate coffee (offices)

  • Private coffee (online shop)

  • Corporate experiences

  • Event experiences

Corporate Coffee

Our core business is social coffee for offices which we supply to over 150 corporate customers. Today's employees are not always at the office, but when they are, they value high-quality coffee with great taste, transparency and social impact. They even tend to visit the office more often and to revive their corporate culture over cups of social coffee.

Online shop

Back in the early days of Bean United, we thought: Why limit the availability of our coffee to offices, if (almost) every employee also works from home and therefore is a private customer too? This is why we also sell our coffee online and are even working on a new website and online shop.

Event experiences

Bean United is regularly booked for trade fairs and other events, providing visitors, speakers and organizers with high-quality coffee - and social impact. With a professional event setup and highly motivated and trained baristas, we can enthuse visitors with up to 1.000 latte-art-decorated drinks per day.

A coffee stand with pictures and a parasol with three smiling baristas and a black coffee bike
Bean United at #RC23 Festival in Berlin

Corporate experiences

Besides supplying social coffee beans for offices' coffee machines, we also bring the Social Coffee Experience to our customers' employees: Social Baristas turn a normal day at the office into an amazing day, by crafting beautiful and delicious cappuccinos, flat whites and lattes for the appreciative employees or by upgrading corporate events with our high-quality coffee service.

During these corporate events, we often receive questions on coffee preparation and coffee in general. This is why we decided to add coffee workshops to our corporate experience portfolio. Workshops are a great way to invite our customers into the world of coffee, learning about espresso extraction, coffee cultivation and latte art.

Wo woman in a green jumpsuit pouring latte at from a golden pitcher, she is pouring the tulip (a popular motive) and symbolizes the companie's workshops
The Tulip, a very popular latte art motive

Our workshops begin with a short block on questions like "Where does coffee grow? Why is coffee called coffee? Why does my espresso at home taste different than at my favorite coffee shop?", followed by a session of latte art. These workshops are a great way for companies to make the social impact of their office coffee more tangible and for employees to learn how to prepare their perfect cup of coffee.

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