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Five Things Burundians Enjoy feat. Keke

An essential part of our collaboration with Keke is to learn more about Burundi's people and culture. Keke's work provides insight into Burundi's culture or history, but also into more simple aspects, such as things of everyday life in Burundi. Today, we asked Keke to describe five aspects of life that are important in Burundi on a day-to-day basis.

Five things Burundians enjoy most

"Burundians enjoy doing a lot of things but let me just outline five. First and foremost, we enjoy socializing. We visit each other, we invite one another and we go out or meet in a pub or another place to share a glass of beer or any other drink warmly and joyfully.

Keke and her friend sit infront of microphones and a keyboard

The significant role of sports and Lake Tanganyika

"Another thing Burundians enjoy is the lake. You can see how people enjoy the beaches around Lake Tanganyika and of course, they also fish. Burundians also like sports. Every evening you can see people jogging and there is also enthusiasm for watching sporting events, mainly football and basketball matches."

Song, dance and karaoke

"Another thing Burundians enjoy is their culture. There are so many cultural clubs where people can sing and dance traditional songs and this helps in social events."Last but not least, Burundians enjoy live music and karaoke. Every weekend the pubs hosting karaoke and live music are full and it has become a way of spending the weekend beautifully."

Keke stands on stage. She has her eyes closed and is concentrating on her music.

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