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Introducing: Bean United Dream Projects

Our mission is to change the world with coffee to foster opportunities for a better and more self-determined life. For years, we have been collaborating with strong partners like Welthungerhilfe and ReDI School of Digital Integration whose programs enable impact on a large scale. Now, we are launching our first"Dream Project" aiming to help realize the entrepreneurial dreams of individual people.

Individuals inspire new impact projects

It is part of Bean United that we meet many individuals and hear their stories - and it is these stories that inspired the idea to fund smaller and more individual projects. This funding will be achieved through the sale of coffee - more specifically through special editions in our online shop.

brown coffee beans being sorted by a pair of hands

Our first Dream Project: Keke's Dream

For our first project, we are collaborating with our Social Burundi Reporter Keke. Besides being a singer, Keke is very passionate about her business idea to open a hair salon for women. To fund the starting capital of 500 euros, Bean United is launching a limited edition of KEKE'S DREAM coffee packages - a specialty light roast from Rwanda, perfect for a floral cup of filter coffee.

Keke wearing a light blouse looking into the camera

For each package, two euros are funded. That way, everyone who buys one of these 250 packages becomes an enabler of Keke's dream.

Soon you will hear and see more about this project - we are so excited!

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