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Meet the Team - the Creative and Passionate Individuals behind Bean United

Aktualisiert: 29. Feb.

To change the world with coffee may seem like quite a big vision - but this is precisely what drives our team daily. So, let's take a closer look at the individuals behind this mission: The Bean United team is a blend of passion and purpose, creative minds coming together to work hard and make a change.

Our team is characterized by equality and internal communication. Of course, there are chaotic and stressful days at the Café or the office. However, every one of us thrives when given the time and the opportunity to be creative.

To begin with, the idea of the coffee company Bean United and the realization of said idea was sparked by twin brothers Philipp and Thomas based on the core values of fairness, sustainability and transparency.

Two men stand in front of a black wall which reads "Kaffee Trinkend Gutes Tun"
Founders Thomas and Philipp

"I love being creative with my team, building relationships with our partners in the growing regions and project countries and creating social impact. All based on my favourite drink: coffee." (Thomas, Founder and Managing Director)

However, little by little, our team began to grow. Let's be honest: Life at Bean United would be quite impossible without Benni keeping an eye on everything from an operational point of view, managing coffee orders and communicating with the companies Bean United works with. The processing and shipping of the orders runs so smoothly thanks to Hadidja, who manages our storage facility. Also, considering that every creative team needs the right amount of structure, Bean United works closely with Katrin in accounting - an unbelievably valuable and essential aspect of our day-to-day work.

A woman stands between boxes of coffee in the entrance of a building.
Hadidja after completing today's orders

"As is the case for many of my peers, I am very fond of coffee and travel. At Bean United, I have been given the opportunity to work with both of these passions within my daily work, also contributing to projects that I support fully. The impact we create with our partners every year fills me with pride and satisfaction." (Benni, Impact-Growth-Manager)

Two men sitting with children in Burundi. They are holding hands.
Benni and Thomas in Burundi, 2022

Bean United would not be Bean United if it weren't for our Social Barista Crew, a group of young people who share their love for coffee and work at our Social Café and during events. Many of our baristas go to school or university and work at our café every week. The atmosphere in the café is always good and the group dynamic is incredibly beautiful. We are very proud of these young people who have become great baristas!

A group of young people in front of a coffee shop smiling and having fun.
The Bean United Social Barista Crew

"I love working with people and giving them the best time possible as guests at our Bean United Social Café. The fact that I am lucky enough to work with a team which is incredibly friendly, open and always stands up for oneanother is unbelievably nice. Also, I get to give something back with our really delicious coffee and am able to live up to my social responsibility with our social projects. This makes working with Bean United completely fulfilling for me!" (Felix, Head Barista)

A woman and a man standing in a coffee show working and laughing.
Felix and Lara

As readers of THE SOCIAL COFFEE BLOG, you have already met Keke, our Social Burundi Reporter. Keke is an essential part of our mission, helping and supporting our team in gaining deeper insight into life in Burundi, the country where Bean United's mission meets coffee. Also, as in every team, communication is key - which is why Lara keeps an eye on coordinating projects within the team and makes sure that nothing important is overlooked while also representing Bean United and our mission on the outside both online and offline.

Last but not least, Bean United is only possible due to our extended team, including first and foremost our roasting partner Wildkaffee and also the projects Bean United works with: the German Welthungerhilfe and ReDI School of Digital Integration.

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