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More than 1.000.000
School Meals in Burundi

since 2018

1 = 10

In Burundi, one of the smallest states in Africa, we are supporting a school meals program together with the German Welthungerhilfe.

With every kilogram of Bean United coffee we and our customers enable 10 school meals possible in Burundi. One school meal costs 0.25€, including all administrative costs. This means that we donate €2.50 per kilogram to the Welthungerhilfe.

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Education & Future

School meals have a twofold positive effect in Burundi:

No Hunger

Due to the program, school children reliably receive a warm meal once a day. This promotes the healthy development of the children and also contributes to improved attention and performance in class.

Education and a Better Future

If school meals are offered at schools, attendance in class increases significantly. This is because children do not have to stay at home and worry about getting food.

This means that more and more children and young people receive education, which increases their chances for a better future.

About the Project

Burundi is located in the conflict-ridden Great Lakes region in the east of the African continent.  Since its independence in 1962, the country's development has been repeatedly set back by civil wars. Even today, 12 years after the end of the last war, there are repeated outbreaks of politically motivated violence. At the same time, many refugees have returned and people are struggling to rebuild and secure their existence.

The project is located in the province of Kirundo in the far north of Burundi. More than 100,000 pupils are provided with school meals at over 100 schools there. The more coffee we sell, the more new schools can be connected to the school meals project!


"The school meals project has proven to be an effective means to motivate children from more vulnerable families to attend school regularly, reducing school dropouts and increasing the number of girls at school.

The children's parents prepare school meals, collect firewood, draw water and tend school gardens. They do this with joy because they see the importance of this project for their children."

Isidore Hatungimana,

Head of the school meals project in Burundi

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